Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tribute to Motherhood, Everlasting Love

There are different kinds of love in this world, love to God, love to a lover, love to parents, and there's love from a mother to her child. Lately I've been blessed to see the love from a mother to her child by all the beautiful women who want to capture one of the precious moment in their life, pregnancy.

I always think a woman become more beautiful when their carrying little angel in their womb. Why? Well I don't know why. But I think maybe it's because she's so happy in love with their little angel, they make sacred bond to each other. Here's some of my precious client, the beautiful mother that I adore. for this tribute, I want to say thank you for all the mother in the world who gave all their life for their little angels. And I want to say thank you especially for my mother. Mom, without you I am nothing. Thank you for all your love, strength, and your sacrifice to me.  I love you mom. 


Monday, 10 October 2011

The Exotic of Bangkok with James and Meiria

With James and Meiria, we set out to capture their pre wedding session in Bangkok. Even with all the modern transportation system and large malls, Bangkok have many cultural landmark that made Bangkok such an exotic place. We did the photo shoot in a very hot weather. With some Singha beer and Thai iced tea, we survived the hot weather and created many amazing photos. Cheers to the adventurous couple! Happy Wedding James and Meiria 9.10.11

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hello October

Phew September is over, after my long holiday in early September, there's no more rest for me until the end of September. A lot of project I've done, and finally my photo for L-Men billboard has finally come out. Thank you Nutrifood and thank you team.

In the end, I would like give my appreciation for all of my clients and team. Thank you for all the clients who put their trust in us. We'll do our best. And thank you for all of my team who work hard with me. Still a lot of project this October. Come on team, let's rock this October!

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