Friday, 7 December 2012

Cen Cen & her little family

Today I'm gonna tell a story about our precious client Cen Cen. She has always been our loyal customer, we know her from her hobby to make personal portraiture. And then suddenly she told me she's going to get married , I'm so excited when she trust me to take her pre wedding pictures and her wedding day. It was such a great honor for me.

And couple months after that, she told me she's gonna have a baby. I'm really excited and happy for her as if I'm the proud uncle. And of course she had the maternity photo session with me, there's no way she forgot to capture her pregnancy in camera. And then after struggling from her sickness during her pregnancy, she gave birth to a little angel named Ziva. And couple of months later Ziva finally meet my camera, and like her mother, she's not camera shy. Me and my team had so much fun with the cutie Ziva. 


This is not the end of the Cen cen and her little family story. I'm sure she and her little family story will continue for many happy years. There's nothing in the world could express how grateful and honor I am to be the part of her stories. Me and my team wish her many happy years for her. We love you and your little family.

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