Friday, 14 June 2013

Classic Wedding of Irvan & Lanny

Been so busy for this past month travel from city to city, I think the airport is my second home now. 
Almost 2 month since my last post. So today I want to write about wedding photos of Irvan & Lanny.

A wedding is always special in every way especially for the bride and groom. Every wedding always have a unique story, that's why there won't be a same picture taken. Every picture will tells a story, about love, family, and friendship that the bride and groom have with their loved ones and with each other. 

On this post I post a classic wedding of Irvan & Lanny, she was inspired by Grace Kelly wedding. Because of the classic style, I decide to have the picture in black and white. My favorite picture is when the mother gives the bride a kiss. It's a heartwarming picture. Which one is your favorite? You can post your comment in my blog. :)

I want to say congratulation to Irvan & Lanny. Hope you will always have each other and thank you for having me and my team capture another chapter of your love story.

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